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BAR18-9A-4SL Sleeve Kit

Definition of a "Superior Pilot"- A pilot that uses his Superior Intelligence to keep himself out of situations that require his Superior Skill.

The AOSS with the now standard, modified version of the turnbuckle bolt, new titanium check nuts and stainless steel sleeve has been designed as an "insurance policy"; to be there if the occasion should ever arise and the pilot were to find himself in a situation that requires more of his "Superior Skill" than he would care to be using at the moment while still retaining the adjustability feature of the AOSS with the original hex - shaped turnbuckle.

This type situation would more than likely present itself when trying to land a plane in an unfamiliar off-airport area and safety margins are at best minimal, the worst non-existent and decision-making must be instantaneous and correct. And this is the good side of the story! It is our hope that you never require the use of the sleeve.

The FAA-PMA'd BAR18-9A-4SL Sleeve Kit which adds 1 lb (total) to the AOSS installation, includes 2 new BAR18-9A-4SL stainless steel sleeves, 2ea. SPC-1000 Spirol pins, 2 modified BAR18-9A-4M turnbuckle bolts, 2ea. BAR18-9A-4R and 2ea. BAR18-9A-4L titanium check nuts. The kits are $350.00 with an exchange on your original turnbuckle bolts. If you wish to keep the original turnbuckle bolts, add $550.00.

If you wish to order call 907-688-3715 or email me direct. Please, no CC numbers in the email. My email site is not secure.

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STC SA02288AK originally issued, 04-27-07 was amended 4-28-14 adding the Aviat A1C-180 and A1C-200 to 2,250 lb gross weight. Eligable A1B models when modified in accordance with Service Letter #3 and can increase their gross weight to 2,200 lbs (serial #'s 2285, 2288 and up). This originally installed the AOSS on Aviat A1, A1A, & A1B models with a 2,000 lb. gross weight only.

3" extended Piper PA-18 style Heavy Duty gear w/1.25" axles is used so that original brakes and wheels can be reinstalled. Approval for 1 1/2" axles, wheels & brakes is included in the ICA. Adds 1 inch additional prop clearance and increases tire tread width by 4 5/8".
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